Screening for Breast Cancer Saves Lives

woman getting a mammogramBreast cancer screening is the most effective way to detect the disease in its early stages so patients can begin treatment as soon as possible.

The following explains more about how screening for breast cancer saves lives.

What is breast cancer screening?

Breast cancer screening is used to check a woman’s breasts for evidence of the disease. Tests and exams can be used to find the disease before an outwardly noticeable sign – such as a lump that can be felt during a breast exam – can be detected.

The most commonly used type of screening for breast cancer is a mammogram, which can help detect changes in your breast that can indicate the presence of cancer. Women who have regular mammograms are more likely to have breast cancer detected when it’s able to be more easily treated. They’re less likely to need a mastectomy (a surgery that removes the breast) and are more likely to be cured of this disease.

What is the importance of screening for breast cancer?

In some cases, women experience symptoms if they have breast cancer, but many women who have the disease haven’t experienced symptoms yet. The goal of screening for breast cancer is to identify cases of breast cancer so treatment can begin as early as possible. The sooner cancer is identified – when it’s small and hasn’t spread – the better the chance that it can be successfully treated.

One of the most common types of breast screening tests is a mammogram. This test takes an X-ray of the breast, and it’s widely recognized as the best way to detect cases of breast cancer early.

What do you need to know about breast cancer screening?

Traditional mammography takes just a single image. A more advanced form of technology, a 3-D mammogram, is an FDA-approved procedure that takes multiple X-rays of the breast in order to create a 3-D picture.

A 3-D mammogram can help create a clearer image, especially for women who have dense breast tissue. As a result, its images make it easier for doctors to detect breast cancer and reduce the chances of a false positive that mistakenly identifies breast cancer. In addition, it allows the doctor to more accurately detect the size of any cancer that’s spotted.

The American Cancer Society recommends yearly mammograms for all women by the time they're 45, and when you're 55, you can start having them every other year if the results have been normal. The organization also says that women can - based on their preference and risk factors - start getting mammograms at age 40.

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