Looking for a Mammogram on Long Island?

woman getting a mammogramMammograms are the single most effective tool in the detection of breast cancer in its earliest stages. Most doctors recommend women should begin getting screening mammograms once a year or once every two years starting at age 40.

At PURE Mammography on Long Island, we stand head and shoulders above the rest in offering state of the art breast imaging in a spa-like facility with a comfortable, unique location inside a shopping mall.

Why Are Mammograms So Important?

Mammograms find breast abnormalities early – much earlier than you or your doctor can feel a lump or notice any change in the breast. If you’re a woman over 40 who’s never had a mammogram, now’s the time to visit PURE for your first long island mammogram.

What Kinds of Mammograms Do We Perform at PURE?

At PURE, we use the latest 3D breast screening technology for your long island mammogram. With 3D imaging, a newer and more effective technique, the incidence of false positive results is reduced by nearly 40 percent versus a traditional mammogram. As an added benefit, your long island mammogram at PURE won’t cost a penny more than traditional mammography.

At PURE, we employ board-certified radiologists to interpret all mammogram results. More than 90 percent of women who receive a long island mammogram will get a clean bill of health. However, if your results show an abnormality, we’ll refer you to one of our seven Medical Arts Radiology Women’s Imaging Center affiliates for necessary follow-up testing.

What Sets PURE Apart from the Rest?

Unlike a regular testing facility, you’ll enjoy a host of perks for your long island mammogram at PURE. These include:

  • Convenient Location: PURE is the only mammogram facility on Long Island located inside a shopping mall. We are located inside Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove so that you can easily fit in a mammogram before or after a day of shopping.
  • No Appointment Is Necessary: Getting your long island mammogram is easy with our no appointment policy. Drop in anytime during our extended office hours. We’re open until 9:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday and from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Sunday. We do this so that you can fit a mammogram into your busy schedule. If you’d rather schedule an appointment, feel free to call us or fill out the pre-scheduled form on this page.
  • Spa-Like Atmosphere: You’ll feel like you’re having a spa day when you choose PURE for your long island mammogram. Designed by a top name in international spa design and management, every aspect of our office has your comfort and convenience in mind. We give our patients warm, plush robes to wear in the waiting room and offer a pleasing assortment of snacks and drinks. Once you’re in the exam room, you can choose from several relaxing atmospheres courtesy of our digital screens and surround sound setup. Choose a soothing garden, beach, or rainforest atmosphere to relax you during your exam.

When you’re ready for your next mammogram, visit PURE Mammography. To find out more about our state of the art facility, call us at 631-652-3424 today.

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