Why Am I Having Breast Pain?

Breast pain is a common complaint of women of all ages. Still, the experience can create increased levels of anxiety. Women worry that pain indicates a problem like breast cancer. Nearly every instance of breast pain is related to a completely benign cause. While this may bring a sigh of relief, women with recurring or persistent breast pain should still talk with their doctors. In many cases, a mammogram is ordered in such situations to gain necessary insight.

Understandably, a woman would want to know why she is having breast pain even if she is assured it is not because she has breast cancer. The most common reason for pain is changing hormone levels. Throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle, her levels of estrogen and progesterone rise and fall. These fluctuations can stimulate breast tissue, resulting in pain. Usually, hormone-related breast pain occurs the week before menstruation. The location, intensity, and type of pain can change from one month to another.

Hormone-related breast pain may become more common when a woman begins perimenopause. This can happen because it is during these transitional years when hormone fluctuations can be quite erratic. Women who had never experienced menstrual-cycle breast pain may develop it at some point during perimenopause. The condition may originate with or worsen from hormone replacement therapy, as well.

Do I Need a Mammogram if I have Breast Pain?

You may need a mammogram if you have breast pain. However, your doctor will make this determination. While most cases of breast pain are not related to breast cancer (breast cancer is rarely painful), the general approach to any change in breast tissue, including sensation, is to rule that out.

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