What to Do When you Find a Lump on your Breast?

Woman receiving breast exam, mammogram at doctor's office or hospital.Do you get a mammogram every year? If so, you should feel assured that you’re taking a proactive stance in your overall healthcare. But, what if you feel a lump on your breast? Try not to worry too much. Most lumps are not cancerous. Read on to learn about the causes of breast lumps and when you should see a doctor for diagnostic services.

Why Do I Have a Lump on My Breast?

There are many different reasons you could discover a lump on your breast. In the vast majority of cases, there’s no need for alarm. Most lumps will disappear on their own. For younger menstruating women, breast lumps are a normal part of their cycle and are gone by the end of their period. Since breast tissue is naturally bumpy in texture, some degree of lumpiness is normal, especially if it’s present throughout the entire breast.

Are All Lumps Cancerous?

Most lumps are caused by benign (non-cancerous) conditions such as cysts, fibroadenomas (benign tumors), and intraductal papillomas (small growths in the milk ducts near the nipple).

When Should I See a Doctor for a Breast Lump?

In some cases, you should see your doctor if you find a lump on your breast. Make an appointment if you notice:

  • A lump or any change in the area near your armpit
  • A lump that feels harder than other areas of the breast
  • Any sudden change in the texture of your breast tissue

If you have any doubts about the changes you’ve noticed in your breast, call your doctor to put your worries to rest.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Make an appointment with your doctor if you have any of the following conditions. These symptoms could be warning signs of breast cancer.

  • A hard knot, lump, or thickening of the breast tissue near the armpit
  • Darkening of the breast
  • Sudden nipple discharge
  • Sudden pain in one area of the breast that doesn’t stop
  • Swollen, warm, or red areas
  • Dimpled, puckered areas
  • Itchiness, scales, sores, or rashes on the breast
  • A sudden change in the shape or size of breast tissue
  • Retraction of the nipple

Is Nipple Discharge A Symptom of Breast Cancer?

Nipple discharge can be concerning, but it’s usually not a sign of breast cancer. A clear liquid discharge is a normal condition for some women. However, if you notice these symptoms related to nipple discharge, see your doctor. You may have an infection or other condition that requires treatment.

Where Can I Find Breast Cancer Screening on Long Island?

If you notice a lump on your breast and want to take quick action to find out why, stop by PURE Mammography in Smith Haven for a 3D mammogram in our state-of-the-art facility. At PURE, you don’t need an appointment, so if you have a lump on your breast and want to get it checked immediately, we’re here to help.

Why Choose PURE mammography?

At PURE, we’ll make your mammogram as stress-free as possible. You’ll enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks in the waiting room while wearing a warm, plush robe. When you’re called into our exam room, you can choose from a variety relaxing scenes like a garden, rainforest, or beach thanks to our high tech video and audio equipment. Our friendly, highly trained staff will make your mammogram experience as easy and efficient as possible to minimize the stress you’re feeling if you have a lump on your breast or other worrisome condition.

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