Patient Testimonials

Great Staff!

First time going and they made everything so easy and so comfortable! Such friendly women that work there!

Dawn C. 

They are amazing!

They make you feel comfortable and Felicia and the staff answer all your questions. I would definitely recommend this place to all my friends and family. Thank you.

– Barbara W. 

So convenient!

So easy! Very nice employees! The waiting room was like a spa with comfy club chairs and a flatscreen video showing relaxing ocean waves on a beach. The radiologist was very professional and polite. 
My husband didn’t mind sitting in the waiting room especially since he was served coffee. Lol. 
Total time there was 20 mins. I left feeling very good in having accomplished something very important for my health.

– Valerie R.

Excellent Experience

This is the first time I’ve taken the time to review anything. Excellent experience almost spa like, comfy robes, coffee bar, beautiful beach scenes on all the big screen t.v.’s, the gel for my breast sono was heated. All the girls were wonderful, warm and accommodating. There was no waiting involved and then I did some clothes shopping in the mall

– Kellie W.


I had no appointment and walked in. No referral needed. Just presented my insurance card. Spa like environment. The women at the front desk and my technician were all wonderful.

– Diane F.

Wow! This place is awesome.

I was in the Mall spoke to the girl at the kiosk (great idea btw) Made an appt for mamo & sono for the next day & the employees made me feel so welcomed & comfortable. Ladies you must go!! & tell your mom, sisters,family & girlfriends about this place. It definitely feels like you are in a spa with the music, the beach scene on the televisions. It made me want to take a nap, lol.

– Karen S.

Relaxing and Clean

I was at the mall and went passed the sign and asked them what it was about, I had just got a referral regarding getting a mammo, so I asked if I can get one, the people there where so friendly made me and my daughter feel so comfortable!! I recommend this place to all woman!! 

   – Paula B.      

Easy, clean, wonderfully calming!

Went today with my two friends. Easy, clean, wonderfully calming! The women that work there were ridiculously kind, patient and educational. There were robes, delicious coffee, and water! We were even given gifts when we left. Thank you for such an amazing place to make a sometimes awkward experience absolutely awesome.

– Tara C.

Clean, calming and the people were wonderful.

State-of-the-art facility. Was in and out within 30 minutes (including first visit paperwork). And it’s so great that as long as you have insurance you don’t need a prescription/referral.

– Joy S.

Made me feel very comfortable.

No need for an appointment or prescription very convenient. Clean and relaxing atmosphere. All the stories you hear that make you afraid to go don’t listen to them. Go to Pure Mammography today.

– Melissa M.

Pure Mammography exceeded my expectations.

Very clean, warm, spa like environment. The staff is professional and courteous. There was no wait time. Lisa made me feel extremely comfortable. I highly recommend Pure Mammography.

– Diane P.

I had a great experience.

The staff is very courteous and professional. I really felt comfortable. No wait time either.

– Glenda V.

Beautifully done!

Wonderful experience for women.

– Sandy B.

Highly recommend to every woman!

I recently had my mammography at Pure. The spa like feeling made having this not so pleasant experience nice. My husband walked around the mall while I had my test surrounded by beach sound tv’s. 

– Charlette B.

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