Spa-Like, Painless Mammogram Experience on Long Island

PURE Mammography on Long Island is dedicated to ensuring a painless, comfortable, and luxurious visit from the moment you walk through our door. A mammogram experience at PURE feels more like a day at the spa, including warm robes, a comfortable lounge area, soothing music, gourmet beverages, and snacks. Inside our exam room, we transport your senses to beautiful places, such as the beach, a flower garden, or a lush rainforest using video and surround sound. Just tell us where you’d like to be. The relaxing experience does more than just relieve anxiety – it actually results in a better exam.

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Visit PURE Mammography at the Smith Haven Mall for a painless, spa-like mammogram today, no appointment necessary. You can also call 631-652-3424 or fill out the form on this page to pre-schedule an appointment.

What can I expect when visiting PURE Mammography?

Flexible, extended hours

Unlike regular medical offices, PURE has flexible and extended hours. We are committed to making your screening mammogram experience fit into your day-to-day routine.

Convenient mall location

Our facility is located in the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove, New York. Simply walk into our center while you’re out shopping and have your screening mammogram performed within the same amount of time you might spend in a retail store.

State-of-the-art equipment

PURE Mammography is pleased to offer all of the latest technologies when it comes to providing a superior mammogram experience, including 3D mammograms.

Spa-like facility designed with a woman’s comfort in mind

Our facility was created in collaboration with a world leader in spa design and management, and every detail was considered in making your mammogram experience a comfortable, luxurious, and painless one.

Read what our patients are saying!

” I was in the Mall spoke to the girl at the kiosk (great idea btw) Made an appt for mamo & sono for the next day & the employees made me feel so welcomed & comfortable. Ladies you must go!! & tell your mom, sisters, family & girlfriends about this place. It definitely feels like you are in a spa with the music, the beach scene on the televisions. It made me want to take a nap, lol.

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Scenic relaxation through audiovisual technology

All of our exam rooms are equipped with large screen TVs and speakers that provide a full sensory experience. Patients can select a destination and ambiance of their choosing for their screening — be it a beach, tropical rainforest, garden, or something else. This audiovisual stimulation helps ease patients’ nerves and take the fear and anxiety out of the screening.

No appointment or prescription needed

At PURE, there is no need to schedule an appointment ahead of time (although, you can use the form on this page to pre-schedule if you prefer). Patients also do not need a prescription or doctor referral.

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Mammograms are the single best tool to find breast cancer at its earliest stages — long before you or your doctor can feel a lump. Having routine 3D mammograms performed by an experienced board-certified breast imaging specialist is the best way to detect abnormalities early. Visit PURE Mammography at the Smith Haven Mall for a painless, spa-like mammogram today, no appointment necessary. You can also call 631-652-3424 or fill out the form on this page to pre-schedule an appointment or learn more about PURE.

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