When Was Your Last Mammogram Screening?

Note to schedule mammogramIf you turned on the TV or went shopping last month, you probably noticed a lot of pink ribbons representing October’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Now that we’re nearing the holiday season, don’t let October’s message slip away.

It’s never too late to stop by PURE Mammography for a mammogram on Long Island whether you live in Lake Grove or the surrounding communities. Read on to learn when you should start adding a yearly mammogram to your regular health care routine and why mammograms are so important for breast cancer detection.

Answers to Your Mammogram Questions

Has it been several years since your last mammogram or you’ve been avoiding a screening because you’re afraid it will hurt? Maybe you’re skeptical of the necessity of mammograms. These are valid questions and concerns. Here are some mammogram facts:

  • A mammogram is a simple x-ray of the breast.
  • Mammograms detect tiny abnormalities in breast tissue before you or your doctor will notice any changes.
  • A screening usually takes no more than 15 minutes.
  • Although you may experience an uncomfortable feeling when the breast is compressed, a mammogram should not be painful.

If you have any questions about your mammogram on Long Island, the staff at PURE will be happy to address them.

When Should I Start Getting Mammograms?

Because women in their 40s who develop breast cancer have more aggressive forms of the disease that responds better to early detection, the American Cancer Society and American Medical Association (along with many other medical groups), recommend women begin mammography screenings at age 40. These groups also recommend follow up testing each year to note any changes in breast health.

Only you and your doctor can decide when the time is right for your mammogram on Long Island. Your race, weight, family history, and other factors play a significant role in making the right decision.

Why Choose PURE for My Mammogram?

At PURE, you’ll enjoy a unique experience when getting your mammogram on Long Island. We’re the only mammography facility on Long Island located inside a shopping mall designed specifically for your convenience and comfort. Every part of your visit to PURE will put you at ease to ensure a successful screening experience.

You’ll start your visit, which never requires an appointment, by changing into a warm robe followed by snacks and drinks in the waiting room. When it’s time for your screening, you’ll enter a peaceful exam room filled with the sights and sounds of a tropical rainforest, beach, or garden thanks to our state of the art video and surround sound system. Our trained technicians and board-certified radiologists will ensure your screening is as fast, comfortable, and accurate as possible. Your doctor will receive the results of your mammogram on Long Island in a couple of business days.

Don’t wait to get your mammogram on Long Island. Call PURE today at 631-652-3424 or fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page to learn more about our facility or schedule an appointment.

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