Is a 3D Mammogram Better Than a Traditional Mammogram?

woman getting mammogramWhen it’s time to schedule your annual mammogram, do you want a screening that offers decades old technology or something state-of-the-art? This isn’t a trick question. When something as important as your breast health is on the line, of course you want state-of-the-art technology. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you choose a 3D mammography center for your next screening.

What Is a 3D Mammogram?

A 3D mammogram, also called tomosynthesis, is a cutting-edge advancement in breast imaging technology that allows radiologists to study breast tissue for abnormalities one layer at a time. The x-ray machine that records breast tissue images utilizes high-powered computers to transform digital images into a book-like format, allowing radiologists to flip through these one millimeter thick “pages” of images individually. These single layer views help radiologists identify masses and lumps more clearly, leading to earlier detection and less invasive treatment options.

How Does 3D Mammography Work?

As a patient, you won’t notice any difference between traditional and 3D imaging. During a 3D mammogram, the x-ray arm makes a sweeping motion over the breast, which allows more complex images to be recorded. The test only takes a few seconds longer than a traditional 2D mammogram.

What’s the Difference Between 2D & 3D Mammograms?

2D mammogram images are flat with overlapping areas of breast tissue that makes it more difficult for your radiologist to examine and find breast abnormalities. 3D mammography images are crystal clear with no overlap, allowing your radiologist to better study areas of concern.

Women who get 3D mammograms are called back for false positives much less than those who get traditional mammograms, leading to less worry and needless follow-up testing.

What Are the Biggest Advantages of 3D Mammography?

The biggest benefits of 3D mammograms include:

  • Increased breast cancer detection by 27-50%
  • Clearer & more detailed images
  • Earlier detection of cancer
  • Lowered number of callbacks for false positive results
  • Suitability for women of all ages with different breast densities

Is 3D Mammography Covered by Insurance?

Medicare and Medicaid are required by federal law to cover 3D mammograms. Private insurance carriers differ, but most are beginning to offer full coverage. Call your insurance provider to ensure 3D imaging is covered under your plan before making your appointment.

Where Can I Get a 3D Mammogram on Long Island?

At PURE Mammography, we offer state-of-the-art 3D mammography to all of our patients at the same cost as traditional mammography. Additionally, we don’t charge a copay for women over 40. We accept all insurance plans, so you can rest assured that you’re covered for this important health care screening.

PURE Mammography is the premier 3D mammography center serving women in Lake Grove, NY and the surrounding Long Island communities. Located inside Smith Haven Mall, you can stop in for a 3D mammogram after an afternoon of shopping. No appointment is necessary, and we have extended weekday and weekend hours to accommodate your busy schedule. To learn more about our center, call us at 631-652-3424 or fill out this form to pre-schedule an appointment.

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