How Does an Ultrasound Compare to a Mammogram?

Both ultrasounds and mammograms can both be used to detect breast cancer in women, but according to research completed, ultrasounds are more likely to produce false positives.

How Do Ultrasounds Work to Screen for Breast Cancer?

Using high-frequency sound waves, a breast ultrasound creates an image of the breast. While breast ultrasounds can be used to detect breast cancer, they are more often used to evaluate more thoroughly a lump that was discovered through a mammogram. Ultrasounds are safe because they do not use any radiation, so they are a great diagnostic tool for physicians who need to have more imaging but want to avoid CT scans and x-rays. Ultrasounds are also helpful in getting a closer look at very dense breast tissue. Women with implants may also need to have a breast ultrasound.

How Do Mammograms Work to Screen for Breast Cancer?

mammogram machine is a specialized x-ray machine that take images of the breast from the top and side to help doctors make sure there is no cancer in your breasts. As a screening tool, mammograms are incredibly effective, helping to catch many breast cancers even before you can feel a lump. According to multiple research sources, mammograms have reduced the number of deaths from breast cancer by 40%.

Should I Get a Mammogram or an Ultrasound?

For most women, a mammogram is the recommended course of action for early breast cancer detection. Every woman should get a mammogram on an annual basis beginning at age 40. For women with a history of breast cancer, that age may be even younger. Some women may also need to have an ultrasound breast screening. An ultrasound should not replace a mammogram but be used in conjunction with mammograms as needed.

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