What Are the Initial Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

Detecting Breast cancer | Pure mammography | Lake grove,NY The initial symptoms of breast cancer can vary from woman to woman, but there are specific signs to watch for. In addition to having an annual mammogram starting no later than age 40 (earlier for some women, especially those who have a family history of breast cancer), you should perform a monthly breast exam from the time you begin puberty.

Detecting Breast Cancer Early: Texture Changes

When you perform your monthly breast self-exam, watch for signs of change to the texture of your skin. Look for changes to the texture of your breast, such as an orange peel feel or look, or a new dimple or dent. Even a slight thickening of the skin may be a sign you should be examined.

Detecting Breast Cancer Early: Changes in the shape of the Breast

Observe your breasts in the mirror. Do your nipples appear sunken in, or has your breast’s shape changed? Look to see if your breast is misshapen or has any unusual lumps, large or small. Also watch out for veins in your breast that appear to be growing or becoming more visible, as this could also be one of the initial symptoms of breast cancer.

Early Breast Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

If your nipple begins oozing or leaking fluid, you develop sores on your breast, or you develop a crusty layer around your nipple, do not delay in seeking an evaluation. You should also immediately seek an evaluation or schedule a mammogram if your breast is red and hot. While this can also be a sign of infection or mastitis, it is important to be examined to know for sure. Every month, you should examine your breasts for these changes. As well, you should examine your breasts, feeling for any new hard lumps.

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