How Breast Density May Determine Your Best Breast Exam

Women may feel as though they are constantly hearing about the importance of regular mammograms. This standard of care is recommended for all women of a certain age or who have pre-existing risk factors for breast cancer. Regardless of the stressed importance, many women tend to procrastinate when it comes time to schedule their breast cancer screening. At PURE Mammography, we have established an environment that invites women into a spa-like setting. Mammography may be clinical in nature, but it needn’t feel sterile and impersonal. Our soothing atmosphere is a complement to the high-quality equipment that we use to obtain the most accurate imaging. Here, we discuss why breast density makes that necessary. 

Breast Density and Optimal Screening Outcomes

When advised to get a mammogram, most women do not think about the type of breasts they have. Breasts are breasts, right? Unless you have implants, then you may need an MRI. Outside of this knowledge, women are not often informed about the differences that exist in natural breast tissue. Some women have more dense breast tissue, while others have tissue that is more fatty. It is important to know this because breast density does affect the accuracy of the average mammogram. According to studies, it may also affect a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer. 

The concern regarding dense breast tissue is that it is more difficult to pick up abnormalities on a traditional mammogram. The difficulty lies in how much dense breast tissue resembles cancerous tissue. So, in viewing traditional mammography of a woman with dense breasts, the radiologist may have to discern what they see based on experience. Historically, it has been challenging to achieve a high level of discernment, especially when breast cancer is in its early stages. 

For women with dense breast tissue, traditional mammography may have a higher risk of false positive results as well as a higher risk of missing the early signs of breast cancer. Knowing this, we have equipped our mammogram facility with 3D mammogram technology. This advanced breast screening is more visually accurate and, according to MD Anderson Cancer Center, significantly beneficial to all women, but especially those with dense breasts. Other forms of imaging may also be recommended. Examples include breast ultrasound and MRI. A doctor makes their recommendation based on each patient’s personal and family history.

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