Different Breast Screenings Women Should Know About

At PURE Mammography, we offer 3D breast mammography as well as ultrasound imaging for breasts and other areas of the body. Our objective has always been to make mammography as comfortable as possible so more women can experience the value of this type of imaging. In addition to mammograms and ultrasounds, women should know about the various other breast screenings that are performed. Ideally, ancillary screenings would not be needed. However, if they are, knowing why and what they do can ease stress. 

Mammography Screening

Breast mammography is usually performed as a routine health examination. It is an x-ray that takes two or more images of each breast to observe the quality of tissue. Most mammography screenings are performed on asymptomatic women who have not presented with signs of breast cancer or other abnormalities. 

Diagnostic Mammography

Diagnostic mammograms may be performed when a woman (or man) has presented with some type of symptom that requires further examination. This more detailed breast x-ray may obtain additional images to ascertain whether symptoms are rooted in an abnormality such as a breast mass or cancerous tumor. Diagnostic mammography may be performed on patients whose routine mammogram detected abnormalities. 

Breast Ultrasound

A breast ultrasound is different than an x-ray. This screening uses high-frequency sonar ultrasound technology to look for abnormalities in breast tissue. Ultrasound sends sonar waves through the skin into soft tissue. Sound waves “bounce” off masses, resulting in differentiation on the image observed by the sonographer. This test can discern whether a lump is solid or filled with fluid. The ultrasound is often performed at the same appointment as a diagnostic mammogram.

Breast MRI

Breast MRI screenings are more advanced and usually used when a woman has a high risk of breast cancer. Women with breast implants, too, are advised to get MRI screenings, which are more advanced and able to “see” through the implants. Women diagnosed with breast cancer may undergo an MRI to determine the extent and location of tumors. This is not a test performed at PURE Mammography.

Breast Biopsy

Breast biopsies are usually performed in the doctor’s office. This test may be performed to examine cells for signs of cancer. A biopsy removes a small sample of cells from a mass in the breast. It usually takes just a few minutes, and often includes ultrasound guidance or mammography to locate the abnormality and obtain the most accurate sample.

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