What is Involved in 3D Mammograms?

woman getting a mammogramIf you visit an emergency room or your doctor orders diagnostic testing, you expect those tests to use the newest techniques and equipment to give you the most accurate results. Why should a mammogram be any different?

While traditional 2D mammography is still the norm at many mammography centers, PURE Mammography utilizes the latest advances in 3D technology to deliver clearer, more accurate screening results for all of our patients.

What Is a 3D Mammogram?

Also called tomosynthesis, 3D mammography is the latest advancement in screening technology designed to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages. This new technology uses powerful computer programs to convert digital photos of breast tissue into individual layers. For example, when you look down at the cover of a book, you can’t see the individual pages. 3D technology lets you to take that book and flip through the pages, allowing you to examine each page or “slice” of tissue.

With 3D mammograms, radiologists have a powerful new tool where they can look at those individual layers of breast tissue to more easily detect abnormalities, whereas those layers overlapped with 2D technology.

What Does a 3D Mammogram Involve?

As a patient, you won’t be able to tell much difference between a 3D or 2D mammogram. The process remains virtually unchanged with a technician placing your breast under a paddle, compressing the breast, and recording images from several different angles.

With 3D mammograms, an X-ray attachment arcs over the breast while recording many images in a matter of seconds. It may take a few moments longer to complete the imaging, but no additional breast compression or positioning is necessary.

After the test, your technician will ensure the images are clear and will send them on to a radiologist for a full review. After the radiologist has interpreted your results, a report will be forwarded to you and your primary physician.

What Are the Advantages of 3D Mammography?

The advantages of 3D mammograms are clear. More than 100 studies have shown that this new technology offers increased testing accuracy versus traditional 2D methods. With clearer slices of film to study, radiologists are seeing less overlapping tissue, which can lead to unnecessary callbacks and in the worst case, missed tumors or other abnormalities.

Additionally, 3D mammograms catch more aggressive kinds of breast cancer earlier and decrease the chances of delivering false positive results by more than 40 percent.

Why Choose PURE Mammography for Your Next Mammogram?

At PURE Mammography, we use only the latest 3D imaging technology to ensure your mammogram results are correct the first time, limiting unnecessary callbacks and the worry you’ll feel waiting for a second scan.

In addition to testing accuracy, we make your comfort and convenience a top priority at PURE Mammography. Kick back with a snack while decked out in a warm robe in our waiting room. During your exam, you can choose a relaxing atmosphere like a garden, rainforest, or beach to soothe you thanks to our state of the art digital video and audio system.

Stop by PURE Mammography today for your next 3D mammogram. No appointment or doctor referral is necessary. With a convenient location inside Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove and flexible hours, we offer 3D mammograms at a time that’s convenient for you. Contact us for more information.

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