Do Mammograms Really Save Lives?

naked woman with breast cancer ribbonIf you’ve been researching mammograms, you’ve probably read a lot of conflicting information. “Should I get one?” “What age should I get one?” “Are they effective?” You can find different answers to these questions and more from different health websites.

Throughout all of the various information floating around about mammograms, one thing is crystal clear: mammograms can help prevent breast cancer as they are single most effective tool in the early diagnosis of breast cancer.

What Is a Mammogram?

A mammogram is simply an x-ray photograph of breast tissue. Radiologists study these x-rays for signs of tumors, masses, or other abnormalities that could possibly be breast cancer. A mammogram can detect breast cancer early—sometimes up to three years before a woman or her doctor can feel a mass during a physical exam.

What is a 3D Mammogram?

3D mammography is a technological advancement over traditional mammography. While traditional, or 2D mammograms consist of two photos of each breast - 3D, or digital tomosynthesis mammograms utilize four pictures taken at different angles to form a completely three-dimensional image of a breast. These 3D images allow radiologists to get a better look at all breast tissue, helping them find abnormalities that might be hidden on traditional images. 3D mammography takes just seconds longer than traditional mammography and is considered to be a safe procedure.

When Should I Get a Mammogram?

Many medical organizations including the American Medical Association, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American College of Radiology, and the American Cancer Society have stood by their recommendation of age 40 for most women to begin mammogram screenings.

Studies show that early detection of breast cancer can increase your chance of survival by 25% - 30%. Early detection also allows for less invasive treatment options, allowing a woman to have a cancerous growth removed without having to undergo a mastectomy (complete breast removal).

What Are Some Important Things to Know About Mammograms?

These statistics from illustrate how important it is to get regular mammogram screenings:

  • Mammograms have helped in the reduction of breast cancer deaths in the U.S. by almost 40% since 1990
  • One out of six women aged 40-49 will get breast cancer
  • Three out of every four women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of the disease and were not placed in a high-risk category
  • Skipping out on your yearly or bi-annual mammogram increases your chance of missing a breast cancer diagnosis by 30%

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