The Truth About Breast Health and Current Statistics

With several initiatives in play to keep us aware of the risks of breast cancer, women can feel inundated with scary statistics. “One in eight” is a common phrase that comes to mind. If you are a woman with a circle of eight or more women in your life, it is difficult not to let this statistic roll around in your mind at least a little. Women sometimes express that they feel anxious wondering who it will be that utters the words “I have breast cancer.”

At PURE Mammography, we understand that a woman’s breast health is fundamental to her well-being. Our facility has been established with the latest, most advanced mammogram technology to achieve accurate, timely results.

Making More Sense of the “One in Eight” Statistic

This statistic originated from data from the National Cancer Institute. This data observes current breast cancer rates alongside the projection of the likelihood of developing breast cancer during a woman’s lifetime until the age of 90. Based on this data, we can best explain breast cancer risk as relatively low in younger women and increasingly higher with advanced age. For example, a woman in her 30s has about a 0.44% chance of developing breast cancer. A woman in her 60s has a 3.5% chance. Based on age alone, there is a greater chance of not getting breast cancer than the other way around.

So Why Does Breast Cancer Seem So Prevalent?

Between 1990 and 2013, breast cancer deaths decreased by 34%. This was achieved through early detection, effective breast cancer drugs, and advances in surgical intervention for the disease. What we see today more than breast cancer deaths are breast cancer survivors. Statistics indicate that more women die each year of lung cancer than breast cancer. However, the fear related to the latter remains pretty high. What we must keep in mind is that we are seeing breast cancer survivors not because breast cancer is more prevalent these days but because surviving breast cancer is more prevalent.

Breast Cancer Screenings are Key

Breast cancer is not a death sentence. However, it is a disease that we want to catch in its early stages. Women sometimes feel nervous about getting their mammograms because they worry about a positive diagnosis. Our discussion here sheds light on the truth of statistics, revealing that they work more in your favor than not. To increase your odds against breast cancer, know your family history and maintain your screening schedule. We can help you with that.

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